This is how you can overcome your panic attacks:

1. Stop What You Are Doing
The first thing a person must do when experiencing a panic attack is to stop whatever they are doing. Be safe and stop whatever you are doing at the time.

2. Take Deep Breaths When You Can
Secondly, a person should take some deep breaths to help feel better and to get rid of some of the excessive fear and anxiety. There are also many kinds of breathing exercises a person can learn to follow with the help of a mental health counselor.

3. Distract Yourself And Focus on something positive
Next, a person should try to distract themselves from the panic they are experiencing. A person could get some fresh air, listen to some music, take a brisk walk, read the newspaper, or do something relaxing that will give them a fresh perspective on things.

4. Get The Facts Of Your Situation
Many people feel like they are going to die when they experience a panic attack for the first time. The fact is that you will be ok and that it takes a few minutes for the anxiety to go away. Talk to a counselor and get the facts of what a panic attack is.

5. Don’t Dwell on Your Thoughts
A person must not dwell or focus on their thoughts during a panic attack. The more a person tries to reason out their thoughts the longer a panic attack lasts.

6.Getting professional help for dealing with your persistent fears and anxieties
Many people are reluctant to get the help they need for various reasons. Making excuses of not getting the treatment for your anxiety problems will not solve the problem. Here are a few reasons on why getting help is important.

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  1. ucfdarkknight 5 years ago

    luckily I don’t have too big of an issue with panic attacks, but I think we’ve all panicked at least a little at one point or another.

    thank you again for sharing positive information

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