I have started taking St Johns Wort this is day 4  I am feeling better which is great from what I have read about it in most cases it doesn't work that quickly I am a light weight when it comes to drugs though so maybe thats to my advantage this time. I was fired from my job about 6 weeks ago I must tell you I took it very badly my boss if you can call him that, really made me feel like a piece of stupid shit  I couldn,t do anything right he was always on my ass anyway I was done wrong but I still felt stupid worthless etc.. I have found it hard to seek a job as I feel like a failure afraid of rejection just plain scared I spent the month and a half not doing much of anything very little housework not leaving the house grouchy angry scared  suicidal pissed off the whole gamet of neg. feelings The last few days I have felt much better I finaly did a resume I applied for a job (on line) but hey thats a start I have filled out 2 apps will take them back today, I have had them for at least a month, I have done housework ( it is not spotless) but anything is an improvement I love my husband again I am laughing  at his jokes instead of thinking god your dumb ( yeah I have been a bitch to him) I am very hopeful . I can only beleive it is the St. Johns Wort I am not saying it is the cure all I still have to make the effort to get up and about but it has made a diffrence. I hope it can help someone else I am sure you have all heard of st Johns I had also I tried it before but I didn't really give it much of a chance or maybe it didn't work at that time maybe the fact that I wanted my xanax kept me from letting it work My son told me that xanax was being called the mind eraser.. checked it out online sure enough he was right gotta love them kids so I am giving up the xanax after 10 yrs think you Tyler, I will keep you all posted if your interested thanks and keep on keeping on


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