So four months ago I lost everything I left my wife of 8yrs for another woman.. my ex wife and I have a 6yr old son who means everything to us. The girl I left her for started dating another girl 2 months into our courtship and I was blind sided. I started working on things with my psychiatrist trying to work things out in my mind meanwhile my ex gets back with her old gf.. so I lost everything I lost my family my only support network I had. I stand alone because of well because of me. I have contempted a thousand ways I can end my life. But then I think of my son and I just can’t do that to him…. Well I guess here I stand single.. I’ve always had problems meeting people and even making friends … As the younger roc I got into alot of fights. I didn’t have any friends I just had a bunch of fake friends who were only friends at school I didn’t have anyone to do things with and if I do it was just a user.. I had my first sexual experiece at 10 yrs old. Let me quit rambling on. My wife was the love of my life and we had issues it wasn’t just me straying.. she was sleeping with her cousin so she was having an affair with her male cousin. The worst thing a girl can do to me is cheat with a man.. that is the ultimate betrayal. My life is a mess folks and I don’t know what to do. I need support that I’m not getting elsewhere. I have to focus on my son he’s number 1. I think I’m destined to be alone. May be who knows.. i think I’m attractive but I guess other ppl dont

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  1. bridgie101 5 years ago

    Give yourself time. You aren’t a classical beauty but it’s hard to see when you’re sideways.

    The first six months are sheer hell. then your body adjusts. Eventually you’ll be okay inside yourself, and anyone who comes along will be a blessing to you. Go to church if you can, Anglicans are good (episcopalians? not sure what country you’re in.) and just regroup. 🙂 In a year you’ll be a new person.

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