Good Afternoon Guys my name is Sabrina. I’m not really sure how this all works all I know is how i’m feeling today and how I need to talk about it. So I am 2 years and 5 months Clean. You know I have everything back that I lost through my addiction and much much more, my sanity, love, trust, compassion…everything drugs stole away from me. I am currently an accountant for a huge business that I absolutely love working at and everything is going great. Today I went to have lunch with my husband and saw people – kind of like people I use to run with when i was using and that threw me off really bad and I didn’t realize it until I got back to work. Thoughts have just popped up in my head about people i use to use with and i was just like “I wonder what they are doing now” and start reliving my time’s in addiction. Before I knew it, it was controlling everything I was feeling and everything I was doing. Even  today things like this will pop up and because I am working the program I am able to realize it for what it is and acknowledge what it is I need to do. One step at a time. I am not going to use, just for today. There is a better way! It get’s easier and better, I promise. If this hit me in my early recovery I wouldn’t have the tools and the understanding of addiction that I do now. Just work the program learn and meet other addicts in recovery. It works for me! One day at a time or one minute at a time or even one second at a time is a lot better than no time.

  1. condemned 4 years ago

    My best friend’s parents are both sober alcoholics. It’s got to be 2 decades now for sure. It was from them that I learned this isn’t something that happens for a while and then it’s over. Managing addiction is something that can last a lifetime.

    I never thought negatively of my friends parents, they are great people, and you would never know. I have so much respect for them dealing with all the challenges of life that everyone faces and having alcoholism to contend with at the same time. I respect you too, this randomly blindsides you one day and you used your skills to fight back. Well done.

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  2. parrot75 4 years ago

    hey wow ur a brave person addictons suck ur very brave for overcoming it I wish u good luck in life I think u will be awesome and great at wherever u wanna go in life

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