I am on such a crazy level right now…I feel crazy. I've been really busy trying to keep up with my two cats, keeping the house decent, trying to make myself work on my art, and working for this woman who I mentioned a week or two ago on my last blog.Can someone tell me if this is right or not because I really don't know. I am working for this woman right now who is training me to take her place at this tiny little art school. She's paying me for the classes that I teach during the training which is abut $25 a class…I'm not getting paid for traning but Eric my fiance tells me to go through with it even though he said he knows that he's going to have to support me until January until the training stops…I won't be getting paid until NOV 1ST! My car eats up gas like crazy, I've had three doctors appointments just this past month, my cats needed to get fixed and I didnt have the $ so ERic paid for that, then my dog got sick for her paid for that, and tomorrow I have ANOTHER psych appointment that I need Eric to give me $40 for…not to mention the med I'm going to need after that, although I found a cheaper pharmacy where I live now, but still. I literally need him to give me money for EVERY body movement I MAKE. I'm teaching this one class once a week at this other studio that is about a half hr away from me (during rush hr traffic time which is great) and I get $45 a week from doing that, but it amounts to nothing.,.I've asked Eric repeatedly if he thought I was an incompetent loser or a slob or a moocher bc I'm relying on him to support me right now, but he said that he wants me to do this program with this lady…but this training won't be over until January before she gives me this job and I will only be getting paid once a month until then. Eric makes pretty good money. But I feel like a free loader and a slob. Does anyone recall a time when their spouse or someone they knew had to support them? I just don't know if this is right

  1. chez 11 years ago

    It sounds like your partner is a really decent guy that wants the best for you and doesn't mind supporting you while you do you'r training i know it must be hard having to relie financely on someone i am not sure if i would be comfortable with it either but you's are a partnership i am sure if the shoe was on the other foot you would help him. Sorry i have not been a great help but i hope you get through this and good luck with ther training.

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  2. Jessealuvseashells 11 years ago

     lol Jemily, I started laughing when you wrote, "it doesn't sound to me like you are sitting around eating bon bons all day..bc that's what I always tell Eric when he comes home, just so that I'm reassured that he knows I don't want to be lazy.  Thanks so much you guys for your responses…

    It really made the day a little bit easier for me

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