Well, this is my first blog. I was moved around a bit so I got to see a couple of places. Ill tell you about Hawaii. Hawaii was the first place outside my home state that I moved to. The first thing that startled me about the place was the rain. Yes it does rain and the sky clouds up. The rain took the breath right out of me, my face must have been a sight I imagine. Knowing me my cheeks were probably so red and I bet so were my hands. The rain was warm and felt tingly on my face, like an outdoor shower. I would always watch the rain outside from indoors, for a valid reason too. whenever there was rain thunder and lightning would always follow. I always thought that the lightning looked like it was dancing, lighting up the whole sky as it did. The ocean had to be the most amazing thing though. Humuhumunukunukuapua‘a was a beautiful and ate coral. the crunch made you cringe. It had a beak at its mouth which it would use to chomp the coral, smashing it. which was cool I guess until you saw the barracuda.


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