Hey Guys My Name is Alyssa and I am 16 years old. I am basically just going to share my life story.  When i was 2 years old my mother decided that she didn’t want me anymore. So she put me in the oven and turned it on, i was in there for about 1 hour and i had 3 degree burns. My mother then got the dcfs case dropped. My mom decided to have more kids. She was badly on Meth and Heroine. My grandma took custody of me and my 3 siblings. My mother then went to prison.. My grandma didn’t really have anything to support us, so we didn’t shower, the only time we ever got to eat was at school.  My mom then got out of prison, she got us back. I was then 11. My promised she wouldn’t do anything to hurt us, and all of this other BS. Then she got back on drugs and she stabbed me 10 times with a used heroin needle. My mom brought a classified sex offender into our house. She said if i told anyone she would put me in the oven once again. My mom beat me, she neglected me she didn’t care what she did. She told me to my face i was a mistake. So i got tired of it and told my school counselor. Dcfs then came into the picture and they took us from my mom. It has been 3 years since i have been through a lot just in dcfs. When i was in dcfs i got into lots of trouble with the law. I went to j dc 2 times. I went to 3 foster homes. Then i went to a locked down facility and i got a lot better in there. So i am now doing amazing. I have a job, i have my own car, I go to school i am only a junior and i am graduating this year! I am very proud of myself. If you’d like to hear more because  i really didn’t go into depth   about this online..


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