Flawlessly imperfect!!! That's right I am stubborn, emotional, pushy, I get angry, and insane! Which means I will not give up in Hard times, I will be sensitive to the feelings of others, I will constantly try to motivate you to do better, I will show my unhappiness to unfair and unjust things, and I am always looking at life in a different point of view… Like I said stubborn,emotional,pushy,angry and insane! In other words  I am a perfectly made woman! This is me exposed… This is the me that will Cry quietly at night, because I am ashamed of people seeing me cry… This is me who will laugh loudly at daytime because I want the world to see my spirit is still alive, this is me offering my shoulder for anyone to cry one and hoping a shoulder would be offered to me… This is me fully exposed! I am not perfect I make many mistakes. And every mistake will be another lesson learned and sometimes I will repeat the same mistake in order for me to get it. I was not asked to be born this way, but my life was a gift and I will embrace everyday I get! I will smile because I'm happy and I will smile because I don't want others to see I'm sad… But above all I smile because I am thankful I can feel and not be ashamed to feel, I will hurt letting me know I'm still alive inside. Because I was equipped with many flaws to help me reshape and become a more amazing person. And most important I am glad that after many attempts to try and be “every woman” I realized there is only ONE ME! so yes I admit it I am flawlessly imperfect and perfect with many flaws! 

  1. Dancer 10 years ago


    wow…..good for you….luv the way you express how u think and feel !!!

    felt as though i was reading about myself there !!!!!

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  2. Brokenwings7 10 years ago

    Thank you 🙂 and I'm glad you feel that you were reading about yourself! I think every woman should be able to see themselves in that. We live in a society where women (and men as well but not such high standards) are told andade to believe they have to be a certain way or look a certain way. It took me a long time to accept myself as I am and I realized that in order for those around me to accept me just the way I am I would have to love myself first. Women should be empowered to be who they want to be not what society tells them to.

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