i fucking hate people i dont want to live anymore i hate some people cant see the world cant fucking see what they are doing to themself and others all that media crap am so fucking tired of it everytime when i go little in FB or turn on television looking for a good movie everything just fucked up. all i see is "hey im hot look at me and see what i do to burn money off" while in the fucking real worldis fucking need help it ISNT enough help and yet people do "like" or "text" to send some or feel good for them self fucking hate that. do you know some fundraisers fucking cheat? or but 70% or more for paying the workers or the small many things? in this city it does. people arent doing anything and just fucking wacthing as it goes on and on, what a fucking crappy world and not just that what a crappy people are, thinking that there is soo many that fucking does not understand

wtf with the over equality? i heard some said it is a good idea to have 50% or atleast 30% if the constuction was to be made each "sex" should be atleast? fucking stupid i cant belive that people go too much for it just fucking dont cross the line, you are destroying the news with weather girls men bieng more stupid and more false dreaming and music video´s when do they ever made a simply music video with simple ordinary people? fucking all pornstars or acters with again giving false dreams only to be crushed in the future and some girld (especially here in this town) being high expectation to a guy always with workd, money, car, good looking, good personality etc. fucking people look what the media done

i dont want to fucking live anymore i hate life and people

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  1. flowermantis 9 years ago

    Hey Greenland1 ,agree with you 100% everywhere probably the same , here in Australia the media fuc everyone's head up especially young ppl,. I am lucky I ignore it as much as I can and just read good books and try to watch interesting stuff on TV if I can find it lol. Can u tell me is Greenland in arctic circle? I live in Australia but like to learn about other places in the world where ppl live . Don't let the dumb media get u down, I know it's hard not to but we gotta try to ignore the crap and just look out for the good stuff. Take it easy

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