So, it sucked. I had everything perfect, all the food and shit. Then my dad decided to visit before the party started and fucked my mood over. He found out that my aunt moved in and kept saying over and over again “when did she move in?!” which made me go hide in the bathroom and fucking die. He was just overall a dick. Oh, and he brought my sisters and my stepmom, who just, I don’t know, abused my verbally and physically for 10 years no biggy. So yeah seeing her triggered some happy memories and a sprinkle of depression. So thanks, dad. And then he hugged me and told me how much he loved me and then proceeded to demand that he come pick me up on Saturday to go ‘hang out’. My therapist even says to avoid going to his house at all costs! he kept pressuring me and asking over and over and saying that my sisters missed me and shit. I’m like “you can actually eat my ass.” Its like BRO. bro. fuck him. He’s like 6’2 and someone that huge pressuring you isn’t easy to say no to. I felt like I was going to fucking die I was so scared. And now I’m letting it mess up my week. Not to mention towards the end of the party everybody went off to do an exorcism or some ouija board shit, it was weird and a couple people were weirded out and timid and shit so I had to fucking babysit because I’m the host and other crap. It’s like what the hell. Em**y just started that shit because she’s an attention whore saying crap like she’s haunted by her grandma and crap. I set up all this shit up and planned all this crap and then towards the end they just dip. I wouldn’t mind if it was more normal but it was like, pothead/crackhead shit. In a bad way ha.


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