Me and my boyfriend fought again last night, I might be losing my best friend from 3rd grade (i’m a sophomore in high school) I just am so done with high school. It tears you apart and spits you out into life. I can’t take it anymore, I feel like my head is going to explode. I just want to be happy but clearly that isn’t gonna happen anytime soon. I just want to go home and not have to deal with anything, but then I would have to deal with my parents, I don’t think I can do that either. I am just hoping that the next two years go by really quick because I can’t take anymore drama or heartache. I want my boyfriend to be happy but it seems like I am not making him happy. He was mad yesterday because I was in a bad mood and I was taking with an attitude when we were on the phone. Then he tried to guilt me into apologizing, He knew I was in a bad mood and he started saying that he wasn’t good enough and he doesnt make me happy. He does make me happy and he doesn’t understand that i’m going to have a bad day where I have an attitude but he makes it seem like only he can be upset. I just wish he would listen to me instead of feeling bad thinking its his fault.


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