Hi! Im new here.. I dont know why i sign-up to Dtribe.. Maybe its because i need help from the inside.. Maybe i need tAlk to someone who can understand what im going through.. Or maybe i just need to release my load… Lately i been acting kinda strange. I was able to overcome this feeling before but now here it is again.. I dont know if the problem was just me, i mean if its just inside my head. Im a mother of two and living with my partner. He' s yhe father of my 2 kids.we're not yet married. Im not yet sure if i want to be married with him(crazy ha?!!! Already with 2 baby and stl dont want to marry the guy?!) there are so many times(in my mind) that i want to get out of the relationship but only a few timesI voiced it out with him.. Im a martyrMaybe.. Or just crazy.. Im 7 years olderWith him.. I know he love me but my mind keepsTelling me that he dont… MaybeIts because im expecting too much.. ImExpecting him to grow-up and try to find a job so he can support us.. He always have time for his friends, for their drinking session.. I think his more happy when his with them than when his home with us.they always have a lot of topic to talk about , to laugh about.. And we dont.. He dont want me to brag about him finding a job. He said he knows that.we dont talk about the future… I was the one doing all the stuff and doing the household chores and taking care of the kids.. The only thing that he do is cook for us. He' s always boasting about that telling me that he ccoked for us.. I said just that? I can buy outside even if you dontCook.. Continue my soryTomorrow. Need to wake up early coz my son has a graduation Practice tomorrow.. Goodnight

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  1. sadjac 9 years ago

    welcome to the tribe

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