So I have this high pitching ringing in my ear and I've had it there since I woke up this morning… IT'S 1:35!!! I have the worst headache in the world and I feel like throwing up… I still went to school though… I've got 16 days left and 2 project that I have to work on… Very fun. Sometimes I think the world is just conspiring against me to make my life a living Hell.

My mom invited her 'guy friend' to stay the night…. AGAIN! Still wierd but I didn't say anything. I didn't want to. I didn't want to riun her fun. She said they didn't do anything and I belive her. The walls in my house are very thin. So I would have heard if they had…. *Cringe and shiver* EWW…. I did get to go on his motorcycle though. My helmet look wierd on me and it wouldn't stay on… My sunglasses just kep wanting to fall off so I had to place my hand up to my face for them not to fall off… Although will everything that went wrong (and trust me there were more than just that) I did have a good time… It was a Harley though…… So I didn't have that good of a time… My step-father had an awesome bike… I like that one better…

Speaking of my step-father… it's his birthday today… My mom brought that up right as I woke up… She wanted to get all my dogs poop that was in the backyard (which reminds me I have to pick that up) and smear it all over his door and his motorcycle…. I told her no. Even though I kind of wanted to.

*Sigh* Headache is not easing up and I still feel like cutting myself… But my butterfly is still there… Sitting comfortable, staring right at me.. I've named him Shawn… hehe… Which is my boyfriend's name… So I'm not going to kill my butterfly by cutting myself… But I wish i could.



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