Wow what got me here…..good question….I am 32 and always suffered from depression….however I have triggers and boy did this trigger one big mess….Feb 2009 I contraced MRSA and infected my baby with it. 2 months later was diagonoseed with 4 blood clots fromthe treatment need to get rid of the MRSA, going to my heart (close to dying).  Then I got a call in July that my husband was in a seriuos car accident and I needed to be with him. Then Aug of 2009 was having issues with many symtons that resembled a thyroid issue. After convincing my doctor, several test were ran and in Oct 09 was told I have Cancer. I was given the words only surgery to take out the thyroid would be done.  Nov 09 I had went in for the surgery and the surgery couldn't be done because my lungs collapsed. I spent 4 days in ICU. Went through many test no answer why other than just a freak thing. I repeated same procedure in Dec 09 long and behold same happened woke in ICU with no surgery. However the surgery was finally done while on life support for 6 days. Then waited for 2 months for several test with no thyroid or meds to balance.  Then plan is to deplete the bodyof all t levels and hormones.  In that process u start to lose hair, dry skin, very rapid weight gain (40 lbs) in 2 months for me. 3 weeks prior to receiving the thyroid med I was in a wheelchair and lost about 75% muscle. That brought on more problems. Then the last test prior to getting the thyroid replacement. I was told that the cancer spread to the liver lungs and abdominal cavity. However since I was a R131 Patient my treatment would last 6 months.  Oh yeah this isn't me going through this my husband, 4 year old, and my 1 year old is too.  I had temp SSI they stopped it now.  They also took my insurance through our state and I now have to reapply for Insurance which takes at least 45 days. I am trying to just exist but it hurts so bad.  I have God on my side and I know he is always here however the pain that has been put on me and my family is alot.  I have major depression, FMS, and have lived with, and functioned with these Chronic illnesses for years.  Now I have to fight harder and I don't think I have it in me. This leaves me with these 3 questions….For what purpose? Why me? Why others?

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  1. thistle 13 years ago

    hello,sorry to hear of your problems.My late wife contracted  both mrsa and vrsa–at differnet times.Weakened her a great deal-to the point she put off needed treatments for other problems.If you're up to it, contact a lawyer.I did for my wife,but she was not up to dealing with the legalities–with everything else going on.These infections are rampant in this country,the hospitals/doctors hide the infection rates and are lax in their  "housekeeping". 

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