well they sure do know how to prey on people in vulnerable positions , check out this spam comment i got on mypage and the reply i sent. its the same one i got on another website with a different name!

[email protected]
Hello dear
My Name is lucy i went to your profile today at.anxietytribe.com/and i love it i think we can from there click through my email address thus;([email protected])
i am waiting for your lovely reply soonest because i need your communication so we can share blessing and understanding life which some have never test and understand so try to send an email to me so i can give you my picture so you can see who i am and i will tell you all of my detail ok
i am looking for your reply soon
i am the one want to be your Friend
have a wonderful day
i am waiting for your lovely reply through my email address ([email protected]) so that i will from there send you my picture so that you will see how i look like ok try to get me back because there is many love in sheering have a wonderful sweet dream and lovely day kissss

i was so touched by it i sent my reply..

hi lucy, im thrilled and overjoyed at how understanding and compationate you are , having major depressive dissorder and panic dissorder life can be distressing but knowing there are people like you out there who go out of your way to care for others gives me hope , there are so many people out there in the world who would just take advantage of me for the little money i have, i think if it ever happened again i would just kill myself there and then, anyway heres a picture of me and i hope we can be good freinds

i cant show you guys the picture i sent as it was of my penis with a face drawn on it. i hope she likes it 😀

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