So, I just got into a fight with my parents, because most of the time I’m SO BUSY with my actual pet routine, focusing on taking care of them personally, that alot of times I don’t clean up after myself (throw garbage bags away, sweep, etc..). My mom just started yelling at me saying that I don’t take care of my pets, and that if my behavior didn’t change, that she would get rid of some of my pets.  I started screaming at that point yelling "don’t you EVER say that I don’t take care of my pets! EVER! You’re talking about living things here, you don’t just threaten to get rid of them like they’re used clothing or something! You do NOT use animals as bargaining chips!"

She doesn’t understand! And neither does my dad! After ALL I go through with my OCD making sure that their care is perfect, how DARE they insult me saying that I don’t take care of them??? Now I’m just freaking out even more! Having them take the only thing that matters to me, and use it as a threat, just makes me even more screwed up! I just can’t take this. I already feel like 6+ hours a day with them is not good enough, and for them to constantly insinuate that it indeed is not good enough, just kills me. They don’t understand what I go through every day. They never agree with the psychiatrist, they think that every thing I get diagnosed with is wrong. It drives me crazy. I have my psychitrist telling me one thing, my thoughts telling me another, and my parents disagreeing with both. It’s awful. And I can’t stand it much longer….



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