My sister is a major bitch.I hater her. I am not going to lie and say we get along because we don’t. She tries to find every way to exclude me out of her life. I ask her how school went she won’t tell me. I guess she figures I really don’t care, or I am not important enough to know. I told her today I was going to kill myself and you want to know what she said? She said she wanted me to kill myself so I could be out of her life. How could someone say such a hurtful thing to someone? She is evil I swear. I hope my baby sister Chrystal doesn’t grow up to be such a bitch as her. I hope she is nice and friendly like her dad, not a BITCH like Melanie. I don’t know why she is like that. You want to know what else she does? She wears my clothes, steals my makeup, wears my jewelry and loses it. I am about ready to say fuck it and run away. I am just a loser and unloved anyways. I am tired of getting treated like a fucking dog by my mom, sister, and stepdad. What am I supposed to be someone with no feelings and no matter what they say its not supposed to hurt me? Well news flash IT DOES!!! I am seriously thinking about killing myself someday. If my life gets any worse there’s no point in living when theirs nothing to live for and people treat me like a pile of dog SHIT. But from now on I am not taking people’s shit. If they want to make fun of me, let them go ahead and do it, but I am going to tell them how I feel about what they said, and I am going to let them know I hate their fucking guts. I am sick of people treating me like a baby and no I don’t act like one like they said. I am an intelligent person and I deserve to be treated with at least a little bit of respect because I am a human being. whatever thats all I am writing.

  1. bluegal 16 years ago

    huh oh that is bad they can be cruel not to think that people don’t have feelings always think of themselves not think of others and what the others are feelings and chrystal would not have said that to you by telling you to kill yourself it was cruel of her to say it but it is good for u to write it out how you feel and problems with your family good you need to tell them how you feel smile
    i understand how you have been through i have been through difficult time myself trying to tell my family that i can go on my own that they don’t think i would go on my own they treat me like a kid sighs they treat me like nobody when they are together like ignore me

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  2. IceJudge 16 years ago

    some people really are just bitches/assholes by nature… you try talking to your parents about how your sister treats you or telling her to stay the fuck out of your shit if she treats you like that? if anything you’re doing the right thing by deciding to fight back against your sister. Dont let her control what you want to do with your life.

    About the suicide thing.. I mean.. I know how you feel on that one , i’ve been trying to get access to a gun for a long time now. And well ill say this as one thing, im not trying to sound negative but its hard to put into words that wont seem that way. If suicide does remain an option for you , Dont be affriad to fight back for what you believe, cause if you’re not sticking around in life you dont have anything to loose. HOWEVER i dont think you should try suicide is what i also mean , but at the same time use the feelings you can to fight back and try and stop some of those things.

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