Today I am hanging in there. although the anxiety hasn't been heavy it keeps knocking at the door and I just keep refusing to answer. My mind wants to wander off and worry about tomorrow and all and what ifs but I just keep ignoring  trying  it.. Figured I might put it here, and thus put it away 🙂 There are some people who have normal everyday stress and anxiety over real things-but for me-those plus irrational thoughts plague me There was a time  when I got much better, was almost panic-free. But now it all came back. Its came  back worse, I'm fighting it though  it  helps to know am not alone  that am not the only one going though  this  and its felt  like I was the only one in  world having to deal with this   its felt like I was going crazy  at times but I  found sites  like this one and reading some of your post is like omg this person could be writing  about me that   that exactly whats going on in my head   or the just how I feel sometimes.   I made it to a doctor this time and  he referred  me to counseling and anxiety management but am still waiting for the letter  to conferment  that am on the waiting list . Though reading and replying to post on this site and other anxiety  sites   I have come to realize how similar we all our with our fears, phobias, anxieties and our coping skills. Our fears range from driving to going to the supermarket , waking up with panic, waiting for panic to start-it sometimes feels as if we are strangers in the real world.


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