It's been quite a while since my last blog.

Quick up date? I'm still with Alex, by BF at my uni. Been together for over 5months now.

Im now on 30mg of Citalopram (3x 10mg), and 4mg of Diazepam (2x 2mg), plus 135mg Mebeverine taken before every meal, + 20mg Omeprazole! Thats 10 pills aday including my contraceptive pill. Alot to remember.

I've been diagnosed as Celiac, no gluten, wheat or dairy products, a limited amouts of egg. Eating is quite hard now- I have to read every jar, packet, tin ect to see the ingrediences. Cant eat real cheese, cake, some crisps, sauces, noodles, chocolate. Its all 'free from' alternatives, which dont taste the same & are twice as expensive; not good as a student.

I'm having a Dyslexic test next week.

Signed the housing contract for my 2nd year house. I got the single room, the other four girls got doubles, all becasue of a stupid piece of paper. one girl who's got a double, i dont feel should have it; She's single, (& is likly to rem&ain so, sounds harsh but she's that kinda girl) she broke my £150 phone & so far I've had £7 worth of drink bought for me to make up for it…, doesnt really add up. She knows I have a 6 foot 6 boyfriend who has had to fit in to a single bed with me for the past 5 months hard, not easy- and next year he'll have placement. He also only has single beds in his house next year. I even asked the girl if i could have a double becasue of these reasons. Im now not talking to her. Im really pissed off. Its totally illogical.

I've had 4 B's in my work since chirstmas which is a boost.

I finished my 8 sessions of counselling with the uni; it definatly helped, but I'm not quite there yet. Theres a long way to go till im on top of things.

I have started drinking again; started when i cam back to uni in janurary. I'm trying to keep it in control and only drink about once a week, and not in an excessive amount. Im not supose to drink on all my meds. I still havent told my dad about it all.



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  1. swans 11 years ago

     Good luck with your Uni, and everything else.

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