well, i got back from gatlinburg yesterday… it was fun… our chalet had a theater room with a big screen, so me and my cousins got to play xbox and watch movies down there on the big screen… there were couches in there, so that made it even better… we went to this place called the mysterious mansion, it's like a haunted house-type thing… it was actually kinda freaky… this guy would dress up in these costumes and would stand in different places, and then jump out at you when you least expect it… when we were going down a hallway, he was perched on the walls with his hands and feet holding him… he did a really good job of staying still, so it was hard to tell if he was just a statue or not… anyway, he had one of those scream-type masks on, and when I went under him, i just said, "hey, costumed guy," and just kept walking… well, i hear a thud and next thing i know, he's after me!… haha.. it was great… he was like, "come here!"… i started running away, but i don't know why, since i knew they're not allowed to touch you… so i just decided to stop running, since he's not allowed to touch me anyway, i just stood there while he was comin for me, and he just kinda ran right by me haha… i guess he was kinda surprised that i actually stopped, haha… i almost tackled the guy out of instinct a few times… there was also this balcony you can step on… my bro-in-law was behind me and he was curious, so he stepped on it… suddenly, i hear, "aaahh!!" and he's, like, fallin, haha… it's supposed to lean down a lil bit when you step on it to make you think its onna fall… it was funny haha… anyway, i had a good trip… got chased by a guy in a haunted house… you know, the normal stuffLaughing


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