My OCD has to do with me touching objects, shaking and hugging people and rechecking the door to make sure it is lock. I am a teacher I love my job and the kids but I have to wear rubber gloves all day when I work with children thinking I will catch something. Not only from the children but anything I touch in school. children at work ask me all the time why do you wear gloves and I say I have a cold or just make up something. Most of teachers I work with I told I have OCD about touching things some will say u will not catch anything the world is full of germs some germs are healthy for you. If I am not wearing rubbre gloves I am wearingg winter gloves in the summertime afraid to touch stuff.

I decided to see a therapist for my OCD but before I go I am trying to tackle it on my own so this weekend in the grocery store I touch the shopping cart and push it around the store. I often carry my food in my hand or find an empty clean box or container . I touch door knob, held the pole on the bus. Yeah I freak out a little bit but I kept telling myself its ok. I use hand sanitizer every minute but at least I was touching something with my bare hands. The worst part my head started itching and I couldnt scratch it I felt my hands were dirty from touching things. I could not wait until I got home, I wash my hands about five times.

I think this part was a accomplishment for me Saturday, I brought a bag of shrimp and it fell on the floor in grocery store I have to admit freak out thinking the bag had germs LOL. Normally when something like that happens I would put on glove or hand sanitizer to pick it up and I would go get another bag, but I pick up the bag with my bare hands and put it in the cart. I couldnt believe I did it.

Journaling about my OCD is helping me. But the test is when its time to touch the item, person or object. I am seeing a therapist on Monday July 9, I will let you guys know what she says what I did on my own trying to tackle my OCD and tips she is giving me. I want to share whatever help I can to anyone who is going through the same thing as me.



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  1. chez 10 years ago

    I am exactly the same as you but you did really well by doing what you done well done i know how that would have been for you keep up the good work and i hope you'r therapy went well.

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