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I wanted to ask you if you had troubles sometimes to talk about some of your obsessions with your therapist. It's a major issue for me. I talk about my hypermorality OCD and my obsessions but I have kind of a blockage sometimes… I can't talk about my sexuality, sex, neither about sexual obsessions or "private" subjects. It's due to the education I received, and because of my age. I've always had trouble to talk about my intimacy like that. I know that I'm one patient among many, many others and that he heard everything during his career, but I just can't. There is some stuff I can't talk about. Is this really a bad thing? Because I know it's OCD so maybe it's not necessary to talk about ALL of my obsessions, since all of them are irrelevant and stupid and that I know they are stupid… And then I obsess about this blockage and I'm worried that I might not get better if I can't lay down everything on the table.My OCD tells me also that I won't be able to study properly and to have my year if I don't talk about EVERYTHING (I know it's stupid). I've been in therapy since september and I see my therapist usually twice a month, it depends on his agenda. I really like my therapist; I know I would have this blockage with everybody, really. I do talk about my obsessions, I discuss about them with him. But I just can't talk about some of them and it really worries me. But maybe I shouldn't have to worry about it, maybe it will come when the time is right? And maybe it's not necessary to talk about all of them, since the subjects change a lot…? What works is when I realize that this is again a new obsession and that the more I will obsess about this, the more I won't be able to talk about my problems with my therapist, that overthinking this won't change a thing. I just shrug "well, maybe I'm gonna be able to talk about this or maybe not, this is not the end of the world after all… it's okay to not be ready for now… live for today." What do you think? Because unfortunately, I'm afraid that I'm not able to talk about some of his stuff… =/ Did you have the same problem?

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  1. vasgosun 9 years ago

    Hi, this is vasgosun an OCD.  I think when you are on a therapy it is good for you to disclose all your problems.  If it causes embarassment think of alternate methods.  If you are not shy you could tell yr mother who could explain to your father.  The father can disclose to the Therapist.  Or else you could tell the therapist that you would like to disclose certain details to a lady nurse and request him to provide.  All OCDs will have to experience distressing sexual fantacies which are not real but only imagination.  With continuous treatment you will overcome it.  Be confident.  OCD is not a disease in the first place.  It is not something like kidney failure or cancer where your life is under danger.  Try to look confident and be positive. Keep visiting therapist as long as he advises you to be under treatment.  You will become a different person and get over it once and for all..

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