I have struggled with sever anxiety, depression I think being lonely and not feeling like you know anyone who has gone through this awful stuff makes it super worse. I think having people who believe in you is so important.So, I just wanna say I empathise and know from years of crippling anxiety. I believe in YOU and come and say Hi if you wanna chat or babble. I am here 🙂 I find going to see therapists helpful but it seems like your being inspected sometimes that makes you feel like more of a total freak :/ I have so many issues Im coming to terms with its hard work. I have been in abusive relationships which I managed to get out of alive. I left school when I was 13 and turned to drink relationships which were damaging because I did not have any friends at school and gave up trying to make them. I am in a good position now I have a partner a daughter but I have moved to a new city and have no friends no job yet.Being a parent is so flipping isolating I never have time for me. There is so much pressure being a parent to be perfect and now I have had a massive breakdown I feel like such a failure but its hard to do when you have no support. My partner has his own life his own friends and I feel like I a complete freak who doesn’t matter to anyone.I just find it hard to get out there and find people I will actually get on with. I do not like fake people and I am weird and crazy in a good way. Alot of parents are so serious I just dunno how I would get through life like that.


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