a long time ago, far far away in tucson az my best friend was going to college and needed a comp for her studies. She couldnt get approved for a card on her own becase she never had credit before. So I being the friend I naturally am help out my friend that i've been BEST FRIENDS with since we were 13 years old. I co sign for her. She is a responsible girl and i trust her. yes here lies my first mistake. So all is well and done. Fast forward to months later and the credit card co is calling me telling me she's not paid, i in return call her askin her … whats going on. Oh she says i just sent the payment in. Okay i say and dont think anything of it..eventually they stop calling so she's paid it…this happens off and on thru a years period of time. right before i moved to phoenix it started happening alot more so I tell her to try to apply for a nother card so that my name isn't on it any more. She says she applied but can't because her credit isn't good enough…but she's paying it and i stop getting phone calls…then after a few months of me up here they start calling ALL THE TIME. i ask her whats up she said she's sending a payment in, taking a payment in, giving them one over the phone…all these things. Fast forward again to wednesday of this week, keep in mind i'v gotten no calls for like 2 weeks so i thinks shes good. Wednesday I get a phone call from a debt collector threatening me. immediatly my anxiety goes from 2-20 in a matter o fseconds. I am having a full blown panic attack at work to the point where i can't breathe. So i text her and call her and she doesnt answer but i get a text back saying , i'm taking a payment down to the store today..i'm not trying to screw you. Okay fine and dandy. Well the debt collectors keep calling and my anxiety doesnt go away. So immediatly when this all happens i apply for a credit card so that if i need to take matters in my own hands(which by this point i'm pretty sure i will ahve to) i acn have a new card w/ zero intrest for a few months. Well ysterday I get turned down for that because of all this. Shes TOTALLY FUCKED MY EXCELLENT CREDIT. meanwhile i'd been texting her all day that day and all day the previous day w/ no other message back except the 1 i got first. I text her again w/ this isn't going to work, your not doing anything so i'm taking matters into my own hands. I then call the credit acrd co and find out she owes 1350.00and hasnt made a payment since august 30th. I'm pissed off but am trying to resolve it. I offer to pya it off right then w/ my credit card. Their response…we dont take credit cards … i say u dont take credit cards on the phone? no not at all…not in the store,not on the phone not even online. they say you can pay check or cash…and i respond I DONT HAVE THIS KIND OF MONEY LAYING AROUND…its techincally really NTO MY DEBT. i'm pissed but ive got my hands tied so i hang up..punch a table which i end up hurting myself and am feeling so pissed at my 'BEST FRIEND' she's lucky shes not w/ in driving distance … i then talk to bryan & we decide i can use one of those balance transfer checks to just do it in the store because o yah i forgot to mention, they wont give me the acct number because i dont know my friends social or her living address. WTF EVER! Seriously.
So today i get to go over to Circuit City an take on over a thousand dollars of not my debt!
And this was after me having a complete and udder break down on tuesday night. So this weeks been hell.

  1. Fighting_Spirit 14 years ago

    Wow. I bet you know now not to trust people as much. It can happen to anyone. It happened to me once and I barely knew the guy. Go figure.  

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  2. sparklingblondie 14 years ago

    what a shitty friend 🙁

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