My boss was using me as a sounding board, Always Yelling, alwaysflying off the handle! The sound of him yelling on the phone made me cringe. He was always gettingdeeplyoffended.

I made really good money and I felt trapped. I also was way too attached to his daughter because it was just her and I most of the time. E.C was started talking to me more and more, when I called him an Angel of Light was because he would ask me about my hopes and dreams. I thought it was safe to tell him because he seemed genuwinely interested. There were times when he would say things that were so encouraging. I wish I could show someone a video of how he was. Its such a strange story.

Anyways to make a long long story short his wife left him, he went crazier, I stayed for money and because I felt like I had an oppurtunity there. I became a shut in on my time off and would sit in my closet because I knew if he heard me in my room he would want to talk about something. 1 weekend a month I would go home to see my family and I would get crazy hyper! I would be way to loud, way over the top and it pushed people away. I honestly couldnt help myself! I finally got away from that situation and havent seen him in 2 years. We had a falling out to where I finally stod up for myself and walked out. I remember my first 2 weeks home I couldnt drop my sholders down, I was so tense and nervous. He made me so nervous even when I left. He used me because no one liked him and I was too polite and nieve.

You are probably reading this and it is making no sense but I just had to start putting down this story to start making sense of it all.


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