My name is Anne.  I was diagnosed with bipolar in 2002,  About two years ago, I changed supervisors at a job where I had been considered a shining star for 25 years.

I am not being paranoid when I tell you that this woman made my life a living hell.  It was bad enough that she micromanaged my work, but her attacks on trivial portions of my files would then become personal attacks on my hair, my clothes, my tattoes, etc.  She is so clever, though, that I could never prove she was doing these things.  I told her I was bipolar, and she said she didn’t care.  My partner had to have emergency heart surgery, and she would not even let me leave work to be with her!! 

I eventually developed PTSD and anxiety due to her abuse.  I went out of work on doctor’s orders for two months, and upon my return requested a new supervisor.  Despite letters from my doctor and my therapist, the ADA committee for the company I work for denied my request.

I was back at work for about four months, and the attacks became even worse because of my request.  She even claimed I talked to her too much.  I have a law degree and am better educated than she is.  I went to some specialized training at the company’s request, and was to give a talk to my coworkers upon my return.  She is so egotistical and feels that the light needs to shine only on her that she blocked this.

I’m going oh too long, but basically after the four months she accused me of having pungent body odor (noone else in the office that I talked to smelled it, and I saw my psychiatrist a couple of hours later, who confirmed no odor) and sent me home, stating that she didn’t know when I would be allowed to return.  I went straight to my psychiatrist and was placed out of work. 

Fortunately, I had lots of sick leave, and I’ve tried everything I could to get someone to listen to me.  I was about to run out of sick leave and realized that I might not qualify for disability, so I have no choice but to return to work, and I start back Monday.

I have tried to put a lot of support systems in place.  My partner’s great, and our families are supportive.  I’m on medication and I’m seeing a counselor.  I am posting and blogging on sites like this.  I am praying a lot.  I am going to 12-Step meetings.





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  1. suelo 13 years ago

     I agree its bulling. Thats makes me soooooo mad that people can get away with this. im so sorry what uv been going through and ur a lot braver than me, i also feel this woman seems quite jealous of you, thats one thing that hits me in all this. When some people feel inadequte( CANT SPELL THAT WORD) lol, they have to put others down. Do you have a personel officer at ur works ? if you do id go and have a word with them. Fight your corner if u can and i wish u luck hun, she sounds awful , hugs sue xxxxx

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