I know I am a random nobody tucked in this intimate virtual corner of the world wide web that threatens to consume and swallow me by its sheer massiveness, but I hope that it a least reaches the eye and heart of one of you. I scroll through the blogs and read your stories, so deeply touched and affected by your poetic ability to express what at times seems inexpressible. The pain and emotion brought to life by your words which you have so graciously shared with this community are in many instances heart-wrenching. I am writing this not only to praise the vulnerability in which you all have demonstrated but to express my gratitude as your posts have helped me to feel less alone. Furthermore, in many instances they have in many instances allowed me to put words to the emotions and feelings at times that I myself have had difficulty expressing. For that, I am incredibly grateful. I truly wish you guys nothing but the best in all of your journies, as difficult and painful as they may be in this moment. I have been there before and know the experience of painstakingly living second by second consumed by fear, guilt, and sadness. I from the bottom of my heart wish you all nothing but the best. I know how incredibly permanent some of these feelings can seem in the moment, especially when we have been consumed by them for quite some time. I myself have been through many storms that felt never-ending, many bouts of chaos that threatened to steal my joy, my will, and my optimism. If this message helps even one of you I hope that you know there is someone out there who wants the best for you, who hears your pain and recognizes your truth and the strength it takes to survive all that you have been through. Don’t give up, the world needs more people like you. I have often found that the most beautiful people are those who have been through the most and haven’t let life’s trials and horrors make them bitter or resentful. Whatever you are going through may it be a time of transformation and growth–growth into the best version of yourself and the catalyst to a story and a life in which you may be proud.



Your virtual friend

  1. aquazium 3 years ago

    That was beautiful to read, thanks for just—saying that. I don’t get praise often, it’s nice when someone actually recognizes how much I am struggling to stay alive:)

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    • Author
      channellybelly 3 years ago

      I totally get that it isn’t easy at times to get through and go about the day to day. I hope that at the very least you experience some type of sunshine today! Hang in there and if you ever need someone to talk to don’t hesitate to reach out. Take care of yourself!

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