ooo today was so much better then every other day ive ever head.. NOT! today was day ive had. stayed up from six pm to 11:30 am. and  still going at about 6 my grandma came in for us to  plug a fan in, in the attick well turned out e had to do alot more witch i knew would happen just didnt want it to i ended up having to vacume mop had to clean my moms room wash the dog and soo much more ell near the end there was a bag on the floor that my male dog peed all over. and i spilt it on me not knowing well my grandma preceided to tell me to go in the bath and wash it off even though i said i just wanted to get it done well i shut the water off and well the kitchen is right next to the bathroom a ery thin wall apart and i heard her talking to my little sister about me i didnt hear much just that i didnt really have pee on me and that i was just lazy and didnt want to work oh t said to my sister i can go to hell nice huh? thats just what i need. so i got depressed and came to talk on here not even seconds after i logged in she came in screaming and telling me to give her my computer and shes walking around with this cane cause her  leg is hurt or something wich mine is too you dont me complaining or walking on a cane grr not the point anyways she came in demanding me to give her my comp i refused and she came in my tiny bedroom with her cane holding it over her head like she was gonna smash it well i stood in front waiting for my mom to pitch in ((she didnt )) well im sitting there her trying to push me out of the way i kept yelling shes gonna break it she said she knew and she would break it in half, i finally gave it to her and she punched me in the shoulder blade, with the cane clenched in the same hand it hurt worse then you think she may be old but shes tuff well i finally broke down and cried i hate crying so i went on a walk seems the only friend i have is the dog my brother got for me she came chasing after me

funny shes the only one that cared to come after me. my dog doesnt need a leash she comes everywhere with me even when i dont want her to hah she knows my every feeling when im mad she will be with me but not to close when im sad she will lick my tears and always be next to me when i run away she fallows when im bored she will come play when im chasing my sisters dogs down the street she coaches them back. im so happy with her. anyways im doing worse today then i have for a while it sucks and im sad the only good thing is in 5 hours my brother will be at our doorstep to say bye to me before he goes in. the bad thing is hes even going and i wont see him a year how am i going to get through that? a year without him. i just wish things would go right and stay right for a year but i always have problems and i wish i could get on meds to make this hurt go away i mean does it even work? pills? do they help? idk i regret it but wont apologize i told my self over and over i hate my grandmother i dont hate her just the new things she does well thats my blog of the day its alot i know but im glad to get it out of my system a little. thank you for listening those who do and good afternoon.


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