I had a weird ass dream this morning.In the dream, this girl came over to my house.Supposedly,I had met her on some kind of website and she was one of MTV'S Teen Mom's.Well I remember in the dream,her and I were talking for HOURS.We really hit it off.We were like best of friends.Well, in the dream she told me she had a boyfriend named Greg.I kept thinking"well so does my sister".I told her"My sister thinks her and her boyfriends relationship is like that of Barbie and Kens".I dont remember what this girl said to that.Well in the dream I remember this girl was writing on my bed that she loved her boyfriend Greg and was writing his and her name in hearts with eyeliner.Well it didnt make me mad, I said go ahead and do it.Next thing I know we are out of my room.Asking my mom if we can see the baby.In my dreams my mom keeps having babies.Well this time it is a girl.It turns out the baby is a hamburger and the girl who comes to visit me eats her. This is really weird and obsurd I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS PART.Next thing I know we are at school.I guess im still in high school in this dream.We are in the basement smoking cigarettes.We are trying not to get caught by the teachers.I put some notes on the wall saying I do not like guys.I ask this girl, who suddenly went from having brown hair to curly red hair,if she is allowed to smoke cigarettes at her school.She makes the statement that she gets in her car,and a guy from the school comes around and asks her to join a "team"that is smoking and she joins the team so she can smoke also.Well I then make the statement,no one talks to me at school, everyone is an asshole.Then these two guys come in who look really nerdy, and agree with my statement.Next thing I know,I am drifting up towards the celing,floating on the walls.I keep thinking"what are these people going to think about me floating on the walls?"I keep noticing lightbulbs and t rying not to float into them.Well after a while,I come back down to the ground,and my newfound friend and I head out of the basement back to school.This girl,who in REAL life I actually went to school with,gives her a hug,and they start singing a song together.This makes me VERY mad.I feel like this girl is trying to steal my best and ONLY friend.So, I confront her about this.I say to her"What is your problem with me?Why dont you like me?Why are you trying to steal my best friend away from me?"Well she in turn responds"I dont like you because Im afraid of you.And I can be friends with your friend If I want to".I keep trying to fight this girl,but this tall guy wearing all black clothes keeps repeatedly bumping into me making me even MORE angry.I swing at this girl in her face.She tries to hit me back, but misses.I give up, and its the end of the dream.I left out certain details, because they were TOO personal.


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