If I can think of myself being in the same position that Siddhartha was at the end of the story…I'm in a really good place.

We always wonder what's beyond the horizon…well, with the dawning of each new year…we've arrived at a new horizon!

Not all journeys are smooth. Rough terrain and challenges are a part of life. Professionally, I climbed a steep cliff and made it quite successfully. However, because I pused myself and made the climb…I have been shunned for not being able to "carry" everybody else to be with me. I really don't know what else I could have done differently. I'd still be at the bottom of the cliff, staring up. I didn't step on anybody to get up here…I just expected everybody to carry their own weight and stop depending on me. Do the work, just like I did.

They say its lonely at the top. Is that a bad thing? Doesn't it mean its lonely because its not good to be here or is it lonely because not many people can make it this far? I'm not saying that I'm a superstar and I'm going to grace the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine…I've just come a long way from where I started…and I started with NOTHING.

I have a few promising opportunities in front of me right now. I can't let "depression" sabotage me and distract me. I have to stay focused.

I have to take my medicine: all of my daily herbs & supplements; protein; omegas; water; juices; daily walks, sunshine & yoga. I have to remind myself that THESE THINGS ARE NOT OPTIONAL. This is my medicine.

Don't think of them as routines, but rituals. I am blessed to have these choices. Don't give in to self-sabotage…who knows why or where that comes from. I have everything I need. I have everything I need. I have everything I need.

Okay. Time to get started!


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