I did just ….. horrrible on my Behavioural Neuroscience Final.  I don’t know exactly why, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had something to do with not really sleeping, being hooked on caffeine for the days prior to the exam.  

I feel sad.  Not just because I did bad, but because I (now) know hooking myself up to caffeine for a couple a days – even when I try my best – doesn’t work.  And I can hear my dad (and myself) saying, ‘Well, what the heck did you expect?"

I’m sure he’s got some truth to him, but another part of me is thinking I should go and see my marked exam to figure where I went wrong.  There’s this little inkling of, you know, how much of it was the caffeine and how much was me?

And then, there’s the incongruency of doing bad on a course I really liked.  I didn’t just like the content, but how the professor taught and marked it.  I don’t know if the prof really cares, but it’s got to be kind of dissapointing when you teach well and some kid, does well on the first couple of tests, only to ruin the final of which was worth the most.  Then again, my emotions are probably just getting the best of me.  Obviously, If I do well on the first couple of tests and bad on the last the professor probably just thinks it wasn’t a good test for me.  Which was all that it was.

At least I got that out.  Now, my emotions and mind will be a little more at peace when I’m walking.  I might check to see where I went wrong on the final when I go to hand in my teaching award nomination for the professor  



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