i have read alot of blog lately and i guess i just don't understand…there are some on here who talk nothing but recovery..and there are some who talk recovery as to how it 's working for them at that time in thier life…that would be me..lol..and then i'm seeing more and more of people just wanting to pitch and moan…now this is just me…but when i come here..i want to hear about how recovery is working in your life…how this program has opened doors for you..and if something is bothering you and by coming here letting it out so you can get feedback on how you can change the thing that is making it hard for you to stay clean or sober..cool…or just to let the tribe know hey it's my birthday today…i have this many months or this many years in…wonderfull,,,but i have a problem and please remember this is just me talkin…about coming here and whining…not caring about what feedback you get..or wanting to change things in your life ..some just want to come here and bitch and moan and oh please feel sorry for me…well you know..as i have heard many time in my home group…i'm not here for you…i'm here for me…i have problems, and i would like to bitch moan about them too..but i know for me what works…cause if i allow myself to fall into that self pitty and moan and groan..and not do anything at all …i have one foot in the grave already..cause for me to drink is to die…if i go out now..i will not be back..and you know i worked my butt off with doing the steps going to meeting doing service work going on 12 step calls making amends to cops…i have walked the walk..and i have talked the talk and still do..thank god for that..cause for today by the grace of god i'm sober today…i'm am very greatful for everything that goes on in my life..good or bad…i'm still greatful..and i think for me i miss that…i know times are tough right now for everyone..i really do understand…what i don't understand…is …does everyones life really suck that bad???…when i come to the tables of AA it's because i have an addiction..I LOVE TO DRINK!!!!! and i need some help.and when the people there tell me to get a sponser,read the big book,do the steps.it's beacause these people have been there and done that…if you feel that you really need to bitch and moan save it for myspace..if you want help and want to hear feedback from all kinds of people doing thier own program and finding out what works for them..then say it here..sorry this is so long..but i needed to say this..if i have offend anyone with what i have said…do what the eagles say…GET IT OVER IT…..

  1. newwayoflife 14 years ago

    makeing amends to cops OUCH good reading thanks- the way it is..L/U & happy easter . in my head it’s fk easter. Skag

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  2. jefwheels 14 years ago

    Love you old_woman. Hows the weather been lately. I tried to leave you a pic of some real snow but I couldn’t figure it out, It’s in my gallery if you want to see it. Check out the magic eye pic too. tell me what you see. You have a blessed day. And stay warm.   Johnny wheels  

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