Yesterday didn't go very well at all really.  I was furious last night and sooo angry with the bf for fracking up a romantic meal.  I vented on here last night in a very long blog, and I am grateful to the people who not only managed to get the end, but left a comment too.  they were very inspiring and very helpful.  I loved every single one of them and the venting and reading comments really helped me gain perspective.  After blogging and reading the first comment, i looked up with a big laugh and then my gaze caught the face of my bf – looking like he was about to cry and like his world had come crashing down.  i knew i had made him feel like that.  he explained that all he wanted was to make me happy – it didnt matter if we had a night out, any presents or a nice meal – he just wanted me, and wanted me to be happy.  this made my heart swell, and i felt awful for making him feel like crap and for feeling so bad.  he hadn't let the bad news bother – he just focused on the evening with me.  he said he told me straight away so he wasnt keepin secrets! poor thing, if he had kept it too himself i bet i would have been angry with him then too! -he cant win bless him!  I love him sooo much and felt awful that the day turned out soo bad and so read him my blog to explain to him how i felt and why i was so angry  – which was hard because i was putting my heart out there and i talk here in a way i cant talk with him, its just my feelings there on page with noone elses to consider!  But he listened and then apologised and we talked everythin over which was really good, and thankfully we had resolved everything by the time i fell asleep.  At last all is well with the world again! 

Thanks again to everyone who read my blog, and i hope you're all well! xxx

  1. Ambz 13 years ago

    I am really really glad you are feeling better about everything 🙂 x

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  2. Tesla 13 years ago

    I'm happy to hear ya'll settled things before bed :]. Fighting sucks. ((hugs))

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