It is pouring like crazy out right now, and the wind is starting to get really strong. I'm really glad my husband's home now and won't be working tonight. I haven't checked the weather channel yet to see if anything's changed, like it's proximity to us and if it's going to come closer than we thought. Stupid hurricane!

Well, I went to my therapy appointment last night, even though I seriously considered cancelling it. I don't know if I'm glad I went or not ~ we ended up in territory we've never been before and I sobbed through most of it, but then again it brought up stuff that really needed to be addressed and is a major component of my issues. It was very uncomfortable for me and painful. I was glad I hadn't let my husband and son come and sit in the waiting room, because I needed the drive home to pull myself together enough to stop crying.They had gone to visit his Mom (I still refuse to go in most cases) so luckily there was no one home when I got back. So I stuffed my face with some leftover pizza and a PBJ (don't ask, I was starving) and then got online for a bit.

So there's definitely no school for Zachary today. I look out the windows and the rain is blowing sideways in torrents~ it sounds like the ocean is right outside. Good sleeping weather at least. 🙂

Just an FYI, if anyone is trying to reach me and you can't, the power is out. I'll get in touch withyou again as soon as I can.

For thoseof youin thenortheast U.S., my prayers and with you intheupcoming days. This storm is not a weak one,and please make sure you're as ready as possible for it. Unless a miracle happens it's coming towards you.

I think I'mgoing to go back to sleep~ Zach woke me up at6:30 this morning (really?!! on a day off?!!!) and I'm tired still. So, off to fill my stomach and thensnuggle into the comforters and sleep with my puppycurled up against my side.

Love youall. Take care.


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