Time to make this look like a soccer match & make some goals. This slope is too slippery, and my recent habits/avoidance perpetuate this funk- its a circular trap.


Trying to nip this wanting to sleep all the time mood in the bud before it becomes habit. Also adjusted meds again to see if a different dosage helps the moods & a different schedule helps the sleep patterns. Also, I need baby steps to re-establish some order in my life/house. While the house isn't a horrible mess (dusty and cat fuzzy, but not dirty or overly disarrayed), its far from the level i usually keep it. A burst of the OCD i used to have would be helpful for a short duration, but my prior meds knocked that out of me years ago. ( i miss it occasionally.) i'm still a pretty neat & tidy person, but I've slipped a lot in the past months.


Today's goal: not sure when I paid bills last, so power seems like a good one to start with. I like having power! Also, to put away the laundry I did 2 weeks ago.


This week: pay the other bills. Vacuum/dust for the first time in a couple months. Clear accumulated clutter from kitchen.


Extra credit round: finish packing. Take the donation boxes I've navigated around for the past month to good will, including the one that's sat here for the past year.


Sounds ambitious, yes. But my work schedule changes this week – I go to work 2 hours later than I used to. I figure if I get up in the morning at the same time as I usually do, I gain a couple hours to get something done before I leave, rather than hoping I'll get to it when I get off work and most likely not wanting to do anything. So here's to it, hoping my plan works.


Addendum: I need to get back in the habit of flipping my Rx bottles upside down with the am dose  & flipping them right ways up with the pm dose. I keep forgetting if I already took my medicine in the morning.


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