I am trapped in a world of moving everything from one side of the room to the other. I cannot let anybody in my home in fear of embarrassment. I wanna be able to get a task done.

I cannot get help. Nobody wants to help anybody without insurance. It’s not really helping then it’s about making the money. I had offered to pay out of pocket. They’re concerned with giving me drugs which honestly I can understand because they’re all are a lot of people who pretend just for the drugs.


It seems funny that most of The Pretenders get it and the people who really need it are off radar.


I can’t get help with anythingI have ADHA, But I also have depression I also have extreme anxiety that will give me me problems to breathe

I am unable to relax There is no escape from this.  The pressure keeps a mounting the problems keep on getting deeper I’m alone with out help.  I can’t even say that I’m alone surrounded by people. I’m alone alone alone. People tell me on how bad ass I am. Fuck them.   They have real friends real family real lives.

Everyone I know is dead.


I’m so tired of being overwhelmed That’s not my car  In the photo by the way


Omg …  I have to have 300 words seriously


Jabberwocky Friday Storm Demons Run away Cute kittens With tiny needle claws How many more words do I need Tap to pause tap to talk I am up to 247 words now 251 now 253 now 255 now  258 now 259 now 261 now 263 now 265 267 I wanna run away to the cabin in the woods with lots of tick spray I Polly would make a very good hermit I’m almost up to 300 to 96 98 300






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  1. mddandme 4 years ago

    Sorry life is shit right now. But your ending of your blog made me smile for the first time today. Thanks for the laugh.

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