look. i have anxiety and cigs were my escape when i simply felt overwhelmed or of course, anxious or my mind was racing full of thoughts. i depended on them to solve everything, make me feel sane. until my grandmother passed away from COPD and emphasema due to smoking cigs. it was a wake up call and have had "signs" from her i believe. One day i was outside my work smoking and an old man came up to me, pointed at it and said "you need to quit." stunned, i looked at him and said " i plan to after college" then he said "well, good." then walked off. it was said how my nana would say it. i began thinking about ways to quit even subconsciously. it was odd for me till i noticed it really. then i thought of WHY i would quit. thinking about all this was motivating me to quit. so i looked up online tips for quitting. i came across a blog telling me what to do from a mid 50's guy. i followed it and it worked.

so look. i know u have anxiety. i do too.u can. u need to have confidenein yourself and it will be easy. do what i did. plan a day to quit. then on paper write out your motivations,rewards, and what to do if u crave and put it on ur wall. break any cigs u have the night beforetheday u say you'll quit. buy lots of mints or somethingand a book. times and places u normally smoke, get away and read or do somethingproductive.think of N.O.P.E … not one puff ever. i did all this and my first week i had one cig for the first 3 days then none for 2 more then half after that. this week will be none and im fineeee. u can do it. just need starting off, confidence.


talk to a pshyc. i did and he put me on Limotrigine, a mood stabalizer for my bipolar. (if your bipolar id HIGHLY reccoment this) it has completly made me better and even cured my anxiety (and mine was absolutly horrible cause it was mixed with OCD) and i believe this medicine due to making me feel normal again really aided me in quitting.

figured id post this cause well, maybe it will genuinly help or inspire someone 🙂

  1. jamesFake 10 years ago

    good to hear and kudo to your strong will:)
    When I establish a rule and successfully follow it, at the end of the day I feel proud and content. Then eventually I get addicted to that feeling, so I can call it a healthy habit.

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  2. blewis 10 years ago

    Good for you for quitting! I\'ve been proud non-smoker for 18 months now. Stay on the good roll you\'re on.

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  3. duchamp 10 years ago

    I\'m finding it so hard to quit through this! I\'ll take your advice though it needs to be done!

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