I am so sorry what you are going through. I wish I could take it away from you.

I wish I could spread it around to others permanently so any pain or discomfort you feel was less.

It’s important to not struggle even though often the mind so so easily wishes to flip that switch. It’s OK to lapse but the easiest way through this is not by struggling against it. But having it and being ok with it. And not being afraid of it. Not fusing yourself to it. Not spending all day long researching it. Not avoiding the things you want to be doing instead.

So worry if you want to (I like to worry at set times per day but finish-the-script with good or neutral outcomes)

Or cry if you want to

Despair if you want to

Laugh if you want to

Let whatever thoughts come and go, with total freedom. They aren’t you, they are little birds.

Some day the pain or discomfort will lessen and lessen more, and then you will be a little like “whoa it’s gone!” and it will come back again for a little but then go away for longer and longer.

This is a sign of you doing the right work and that you are willing to see it and to show your body it is safe.

Enjoy life and whatever you can that is healthy.

If you have thoughts like “you are a failure” hold them close and hug them, give your other cheek and say you are loved, Jesus loves you.. you are enough

I love you too. Everything will be ok


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