The doctor’s couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I took B. with me to the E-Care on Sunday night, and when I was getting the blood test he came in there and held my hand. I bruised him up pretty bad. :/ But anyways, I got the results back yesterday and they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with the blood, but they’re still pretty concerned that when my heart starts going it’s the equivilance to me jogging a long distance.

For now, they have me on aniexty meds. Something along the lines of Advocate or something… I don’t know what they’re called. They’re supposed to help me chill out and make me feel relaxed, but I’m one of those people who are warned where it might knock me out. And it did. I fell asleep around one midnight last night (I usually sleep around 5), and for the entire day I’ve felt light headed and I was completely wipped out. I was so tired, I was extremely forgetfull, and I kept not-finishing my sentences ’cause I blanked out. 

Tonight I’m taking half a dosage to see if that’ll make it any better.  I really want to get it sorted out before next week. I already had to drop the musical I really wanted to be in because I missed so much rehearsal and it wasn’t advised I dance and sing and sit there on a hot stage while having this issue, but I don’t want to miss out on going to New York. I’ll do anything to get there and see everything on Broadway I’ve wanted to see. I get to see Avenue Q. for pity’s sake!! That’s the very most thing I wanna see!

The meds are being used as a test to see if it’ll make my heart stop going fast and all that. Hopefully it’ll work… I’ve lost candy, soda, Anything Goes, and other things I like, and I don’t want to lose anymore.

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  1. onelyric 12 years ago

    Keep up the good thoughts ….and I hope it all works out for you…..hugs to you!!!

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