i walk alone

cant see the road

where the fuck am i supoosed to go

cause without you i aint got a shoulder to lean on

i know im dope fallin off with my skill carying these bolders up this hill

fucking glaciers on my back but i aint lookin back

got to set a new track

after you died i tried lyin sayin i was alright

locking myself up at night

tried to cry but my eyes are dry

you were like my source of light

shining bright

in the middle of the night

another pill

but im apply myself still

syabllyes are my way of life

the only thing

holdin on to me

like im just gonna fucking glide by

if we could just solve our beefs with a anything but a drive by

if for that youd still be alive

riding till we die

right by each others sides

man it wasent time to say goodbye

id give anything to go back to your last day of life

just to tell you i love you

but i cant now

man fuck these hills

ill just pop another pill

but i cant where am i at

hospital man never say that im brittle

i blew my way through this mountain while youve been through little

so dont call me a liar

when my shits made of barbed wire

cause im rising higher

than you could ever hope too and that makes you

circle around me like fucking fruit fly

id hook up with you girl

but youve already run dry

ate you up like a blueberry pie

but now im gone in the blink of an eye


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