Hello all,

I am new to this site and want to just introduce myself and give some background to myself…

I am 29, from UK, I suffered some bad times in the past and I feel that I am unable to move on with my life – i've been unable to for long time… I feel stressed every single day and am sure its taking a toll on my health…but no matter how much I want to stop being stressed even though I know its damaging my health – I feel im a lost cause.

I accepted a long time ago that the root cause of my problem could not be solved, so I just have to continue as though everything is ok, when its not..

The main root causes are bad relationships in the past – one in particular, which i stayed in for far too long, and which really damaged me… im finding it very difficult to give u all the full insight as there is so much to tell, but basically im living a poor poor existence right now due to mistakes ive made in the past – i feel all the stress literally wearing me away as i speak… and imagine ive been like this for a long time….i need the root cause to be fixed which i feel is not possible…

I just need someone to listen and to maybe make me feel hopeful – even anyone who may understand me or has similar experiences….

I am a good person, and I went to uni, i have a degree and i wanted to do so much in my life… but i suffered too much…im so mentally drained, i just dont know what to do…

Hugs to all and thanks for listening

Becky x

  1. Lost_Bella 10 years ago

    I totally understand how u feel n where ur coming from. I also have made some bad choices n mistakes in my past but, u have to remember u will learn from past mistakes and dont let them put u down for the rest of ur life. I have to live with health issues that make me not be so socialable and i fear going out. I want to do something with my life so bad and i am trying but my health prevents me to. I here for u anytime u need me. Remember all problems cant be fix by urself u need help, just know ur never alone. tc ~hugs~ Bella

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  2. lcfc68 10 years ago

    stress is very draining, ive bin in a few dodgy relationships as well,ever thought about taking exercise for stress, or carming teas?

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