last night we had an awesome birthday meeting at my home group. a friend of mine celebrated 9 years and i had the honor of giving him his medallion in return he handed me my 21 yr medallion. we had over 40 people at the meeting. it was very humbling for me listening to all the people talk about how i have affected their recovery. i am just a simple addict  who has managed to get it. i talked about how i managed to get to 21 yrs clean. how many NA friends i have around the world. what the newcomer means to me. and mostly how important they are to me. without the lessons i have learned over the years from addicts who have come before me and those who have come after me i would not be where i am today.


this program is a lot simpler than people make it out to be. you go to meetings, you collect phone numbers and call them when you feel like your going to use. you go to as many meetings as you can. you find a loving, caring sponsor who will guide you through the steps and listen to all your whining and bitching and then they will tell you to get out of God's way and let him work in your life. once your time starts adding up you realize that just giving into the fact you have a disease and the problem is you, you get a better understanding of why we have to work this 12 step program. this is not rocket science. it's Recovery.


of course i broke down and cried about the situation my son is in and how he is really in deep s#it right now. a lot of people who have come to this site no longer come on here and share their experience, strength and hope. that is sad that they have given up on what i know truly helped them on a daily basis. just know that this program works if you work it to the best of your ability. i had my staples taken out yesterday from my surgery and today i carried a laundry basket and the scab broke and i began to bleed pretty good. but i am ok and not going back to the hospital. i am just not going to lift anything over 5lbs for the next month.


for you new to the Tribe and to 12 step recovery F##k keep coming back just stay. i have written over 170 blogs about recovery. it would be an honor for you to read some of them and maybe get some suggestions that will help you along the way. the ultimate goal is to learn how to live drug free, to find the peace and serenity you have never had before. if i can help you in anyway please do not hesitate to become my friend and be open to taking suggestions that just might save your ass. i am no NA guru just someone who has stuck around long enough to GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just remember that Recovery is a journey not a destination and use the rest stops God provides along the way.


NA hugs and love,




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