I was severely money crunched.

I lost 2 weeks of work and I spent everything I had. I was minus almost $300 in my account.

Somehow I still it would have to come up with cremation costs. I didn’t know what to do so I set up a fund raiser on my Facebook asking for help.


That’s when everything went downhill.

I ask for help and I got some thumbs up and later on I seen a person who gave me a thumbs up gave a large amount to a chicken farm fire that happened a few days earlyer…. They did not know the chicken farmer by the way. They never use the chicken farmers Service

When I was giving away power tools, I was giving away $500 concert tickets, People were there when I was giving away other stuff. They had no issuesTaking things for me.

When I asked for help and then I seen my friend gave to the chicken farm instead of helping me in a time that I need the I grew up with these people all my life . I said something I was at my breaking point. I had nothing


Then they turned around and said

“stop demanding money.”

“People have it a lot worse than I do”

“It’s my karma and I  Deserve this”

” I would never give my hard earned money to anyone not even a dollar. ”

” You should have gotten a better job”

I needed help and this is what I got.

So here I am minus $300 in my account

I have part electricity my mainline have blown

My toilet no longer works.

I’m always struggling for money for heat

I don’t qualify for social services because I work and I own a house.

I needed help and they turned their back

  1.  I needed something to at least say a floats until I got back to work and I needed help tried to raise $900 for the cremation I took the absolute cheapest I could

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