I was born in Salt Lake City Utah. Yes the Mormon capital of the world! That is where the Mormon Temple resides. I lived there until I was eight then moved to Idaho for a year and finally settled down in Seattle. I consider myself native to Washington because I have lived here for seventeen years! Living in Seattle has been an eye opener. When you grow up in a city that has one dominate religion you may not know that there are other things out there!

My mother was raised a Catholic. I really wish I could say she is a good person but I can’t you shall learn more of this in my last blog and any future ones I post. My mother is the one if you confess your sins you are no longer guilty! Interesting! Why even do something and be guilty? Why even HAVE to confess your sins?

My father was also raised Catholic. He hated church as a kid. When he moved to Salt Lake began to learn of the Mormon religion. He thought it was a joke. How could people believe in this crap??? So he is now an Atheist. He scoffs at people who believe in something else or believes something more like it!

My Half-Sister and her husband are both Mormon. My sister’s mother was Mormon and that is how she became Mormon. My sister has told me I am going to hell. All for stupid shit…because I said the word fuck. Or the tattoos that I have. Or because I have naughty thoughts about getting it on with Joe Perry and Steven Tyler at the same time! Or because I had sex outside of marriage and had kids out of wedlock! Yep, I am horrible! Well the Mormon religion is messed up morally if you ask me. But I am not one to judge her for her beliefs. If she likes to think that a man having mulitple thirteen year old wives is ok, then by all means worship it!! If you want to believe that the more children you have the more souls go up in Heaven then fuck like rabbits and populate the world! But here is what I don’t get. In my last blog I told of the people whom we lived next door to. They babysat us before and after school. They were extremly nice on Sundays! Funny huh?!?! But the rest of the week they were horrible abusive people! I can talk more about them in a separate blog! My point is these people claim to be great caring people but they are really not! My sister is an exception but I don’t think she should be telling ME that I am going to hell. She needs to mind her business.

My brother…Hmmm…I believe he is Agnostic. The reason I say this is because he fought in Iraq for a year (and he has to go back). He saw what religon does to people first hand. How horrible people can be who are suppose to be religious and good people. They are all liars he tells me. I am acutally surprised he is Agnostic. But at least he is keeping his mind open to let a potential belief in! Unlike our dad!

I am a Wiccan. I have been for ten years but just came out and told some dear close people to me that I am Wiccan. I think the Wiccan religion is very misunderstood. We DO NOT worship the Devil. Christians and Catholics do that. We don’t even believe in a negative figure such as the Devil. In our religion he does not exist. We believe in a god but we choose who we want to believe it. We do not cast spells on people! You cannot cast a “love spell” on someone to make them fall in love with you. They have to want to fall in love with you. You can however, do a spell to attract a kind person that you desire. If you are lucky the actual person you desire will come to you but only on their own!

My parents are in disagreement of this religion. My mother makes fun of it. And worse she tells everyone that I am a Witch. I really dislike that. I could potentially tell everyone that she worships the devil and she commits sin but all she has to do is confess and everything will be ok. My dad is freaked out! He says the same thing. “That Heather, she is a Witch” Great thanks dad once again for the great support you give me. Now let me go get on my broomstick and go to work ok! How come my older sister can be Mormon and nobody questions her. But me being Wiccan is such a big deal. Wicca is one of the oldest religions out there. I see nothing wrong in forming a positive community and loving nature. Sure somethings in the religion can be far out there to some people. Like Astrology, tea leaf reading, palm reading etc etc. But who is to say it does not work. Remember religion is ones belief!

The Christians have taken something from every religion and made there own. I have been to some youth groups and they tell me I am going to hell because I listen to rock and watch shows like Nip/Tuck or worse 90210!!! Ok then please show me the way. I like the heat!

This blog is not to slam other religions. Like I said religion is ones belief. It just surprises me how these “honest good” people judge other people who may even be more “honest and good” Im sure I could think of some people that are very religious who are big fat fuckin’ liars! But I will not point fingers. To each their own. Now leave everyone else alone!!!


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  1. quinn 12 years ago

    Nice blog, my x g/f was married to a mormon in Salt Lake City,, she only lasted a year…than she had to get out..

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