when life gives you more than you can take, its ok to cry. There are times that I wake up and I wonder why am I here? What purpose do I serve. There are many days that I wake up and Nothing is going right. I just sigh and wonder if tommorow will be any better. sometimes I have nothing that I am greatful for. if I just look outside I will see the sun beaming down. I will see the flowers that are growing. I guess I take alot for granted. I take for granted that I am still breathing. I just wish that I did not have deppression to battle with each and every day. I cling onto the hope that things will be different and I will get better. I sit and just cry. some-times I cry inside. other times I cry out loud. I know that I have to keep hoping until that day comes. I can't give up. Not yet. I have two boys that I need to be here for. They are a reason that I continue to go on. They are the reason that I don't die. I feel dead some-times on the inside. Just dead and empty. I have to cry. some-times it makes me feel better. I know that deppression is wide spread and many people have it. it is so misunderstood as laziness or not caring. it is not that. it is as if we are trying to go up a hill but just can't make it to the other side. it is not that we don't want to go up the hill. Or just that we are to lazy to try. it is that we can't. But don't give up the battle. with medication some of us have the battle half won. Just continue day to day, try as hard as you can to get through that 24 hr day. Reach out to your friends here on Deppression Tribe. We care and have been through it in one form or another. Try to keep your chin up. we do care about you.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    You describe how depression affects many people very well. Nothing beats personal experience. So the people who tell you to get over it, never experienced it and/or don't want to deal with a depressed person. Dealing with a depressed person, in person, is hard, Depression is contagious, it sucks the life out of the room and leaves everyone tired and ill feeling. So, in addition to self-isolation, others do not seek them out either.

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