It’s been raining since March and you aren’t here anymore. I don’t hear your voice greeting me every day. I don’t feel your arm over my chest or hear the sound of your breath while I fall asleep, and I don’t see your beautiful face hovering over me when I wake up. I’ll never again be able to listen to you talk to yourself or your imaginary friend anymore when you don’t think I can hear you. I won’t be able to see the look on your face when you stick your tongue out at me, or how happy you look when you’re eyes are glued to the screen of a Deep Space Nine crap fest in the living room with Gavin. I’ll never forget how happy you got on each of our nature walks, and when we found a cardinal’s nest on my birthday. You loved to play with my hair and then go to sleep in my arms. When I’d call out your name, you’d always answer. You had my heart, and I had yours. You were with me through the hardest times of my life, and our love remained a constant throughout. Your love was like a shelter through the worst of times. I could always console you when you cried like a baby. Not a moment went by in which I did not think of you, and now you flood my mind evermore. It’s been one day since I saw your face, but it seems like an eternity, and I’ll never see you again. You’re gone, and I never thought this would be possible. I wish you were here with me now; that I could hold you in my arms just one more time. I would spend my entire life in suffering if I could see you running toward me in excitement for just a moment, because what I feel now if the worst torment I’ve ever experienced. When you died in my arms, my soul began to decompose and my anguish swells and overflows through every pour in my body. You meant everything to me, and now you’ve gone into oblivion. I love you forever.

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