Im not doing good at this moment. But my sencire thoughts go to the people of Haiti who are going through worse than me at this moment. I don't know if anybody onhere is from there.

I'm from an island too which is not very far from Haiti where hundreds of people from there come to seek a better future, most of them are very hard working. The island I'm from, Curacao, experienced a minor earthquake last year and I wasn't there since I am living in Holland now. So in wht I could experience it gets you very worried about your family and people you know. But fortunately it was very minor, nobody got hurt and I could even call my family.

Now these people from Haiti cant even contact their family. They don't know if they are allright. Most of them who live in Curacao are reaching to the Haitian Counsil, the religious ones are making church gatherings to pray because they cant contact their families in Haiti and are very worried. Im happy to hear though that they are some countries helping them including U.S.A , Dominican Replublic, Curacao, Venezuela etc..  they really need.

I think they say its around the 100,000 people have passed away and I can't even imagine what the people there and families/friends around the world are going through right now. I also heard on the news that they are people from other countries who were there missing.

I know bad things happen everyday to alot of people and that it might not be important for everyone but this could happen to any country at any time. It really makes you think. Here I am feeling sad about myself when I still have a solid roof on my head, food, pc, elektricity,water, clothers etc and these people are going through one of the worst things that could happen to you. Not only losing the material things but the things that really matters, your loved ones.

I would like to put my own personal pain beside and send a thought out of respect for all these people. I hope they find all the help they need.


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