no wondar i am soo messed up. my family has done so much to me that i have always felt like an outsider. always. first of all. i guess my aunt~uncle and some of there kids and then a few of there grandchildren all came here for the 4th. they spent the night at my dads, had a picnic and a few other outings. well we did not even know that they were here. noone ever bothered too tell us or even have the nerve to ask us to the cook out. they have always left me out. (my step mother) always. my sister get to be included but of course shes not the looser former druggie that i am. but she treated me like this before i had that manic attack. they have never said there glad i am better. we moved into a new home a few years back. they never have said a word about how nice it looks from all the work and money we spent. that bitch goes head over heals bull shit for other people to look like the suck up she is but she-they never even thought of giving us a house worming gift. actually not one person but my one girl frined and i totally love and apprictie the gift she gave us. then my step mother went to England a few weeks back and she tells my girls,”what do you want nanny to bring you from england” well dont tell my girls your gona get them something and then dont. she did not have to say that to them. they have not said a word to them about there this year dance rectial in which both girls were wonderful and boy did they shine but not one word from them. nothing of any type of support from there mouths. this is how they have always treated me so no wondar i have so many other issues. i have come to not expect or even think that my family would do something for me. i have what other parents do for there grown children and it hurts my feeling because none of our family has ever done a thing. it really does hurt. so i quit doing for them and i also dont send them mothers day cards or fathers day, there no parents to us. i give them a birthday gift and christmas gift. that the only thing we ever get. i dont want to sound selfish here but it does piss me off. i know what i would do for my girls. grown up or not they will still be my children. 2 years ago my oldest daughter did not get a birthday card untill 5 months after her birthday!! what the hell does that say to a 13 year old girl?? well thats all for now. i have not been here for awhile. i was on another bored but there is not much that goes on there and it got soo boring:shocked:


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