Mon.night chills,Tues.fever,loss of appetite,fatigue,change of taste,nausea,migraines I managed to drink some milk,plenty of water,barely ate a handful of cheerios,a banana,half of an apple and just sweat out the fever.Weds. my brother had a friend spending the night and mom was home I was stuck in bed trying to eat again when I started to vomit and I KNOW everyone heard me,that stupid woman dared to ASK "Who IS THAT!?" WHO ELSE LIVES HERE!?You lecture me about coming home at 9pm at my age but you never knock on my door to CHECK if I'm ok let alone at home!?I came home around 12am with that horrible aunt 3 times on a school night and she never complained to either of us personally.My brother probably gave her a "really!?" look and said my name.She didn't knock on my door to ask if I was ok,offer ANY assistance,or food I can eat NOTHING, she went straight to her room and watched her stupid soap operas,ate dinner,had a WONDERFUL loud conversation on speaker with a 2 yr old and her mom,like I don't exist!My dad is slightly better because he bought some juice for me at least but he doesn't know all my symptoms because he's just like her,they don't care unless I end up pregnant or in a hospital.Thurs. I vomit after smelling food and mom came home I said "Oh I hope I can eat this and not vomit!" she looked confused so I told her all my symptoms and she tried to give me "asian medicine" which tasted so bitter and smells like tree bark,tried to give me tea but I never trust asian medicines NEVER how can I trust them(my family) with anything if they are so guillble,oh some news on the Lao or Thai channel said this will cure whatever…Fri. no more chills,no fevers,I'm able to eat a little more and I don't feel like "If I burp I'll vomit!' had a migraine earlier it's almost gone now,I can actually walk around ok,I did notice I had a nose bleed,well not enough to come out,in both nostrils, the only person in this house who actually cares about me is my brother,he's helped me a lot this week,of course my common sense and the internet has helped me recover too.I hope I fully recover soon.


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