It was a rough night due to the sunburn.  All of us were tired and cranky this morning.  Aaron almost didn't go to work because of it, and I let Zachary stay home today.  He's being really good for me.  We're both running around in pajamas and that's it because the sunburn hurts so much.  We had to go to the store to pick up some milk and coffee creamer and it was really uncomfortable to wear normal clothes, lol.  That's what you get for going to the beach though.

I'm actually tired today, but I think it's the sunburn too. They always make me tired. I think after lunch I'll have myself a nap while Zachary watches a movie in the living room while I sleep on the couch.  He's being really good for me.  Between the 3 of us he got the least burned but he's still pretty red. So it's just the 2 of us home today enjoying a laid back day doing nothing. Except laundry for me.

I talked to my bosses at work to see if I can come back 1-2 days per week, and they seemed a little wary.  I guess I can understand with how sick I got and being unable to fulfill my shifts for them. That left them in a rough position to find someone to cover for me.  I feel so bad about that but there was nothing I could do about it. I WAS too sick to be working at that time ~ I should have known better than to try and work through that period of time.  I can only hope that they will give me another chance . Otherwise I will be jobless.  I don't want to go through trying to find another job again…I love my management at Winn-Dixie and a lot of my coworkers too. I wish this disease would go away completely, but I know that's not going to happen. But the Ritalin has sure made a big difference in my energy level and mood. I feel capable of working part-time again on short shifts a couple daysa week. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

There's a beautiful white heron stalking fish in our pond right now. He's got his full plumage with the lush long white feathers for mating season. What a beautiful bird! They're so graceful and peaceful to watch while they hunt. I wish we still had our peacock Blue ~ he was stunning and very tame. If he wanted treats he would fan out his tail feathers for you in a huge display. And then he would shed the feathers and we would pick them all up and save them because they were gorgeous (and they're expensive to buy). I would put them in flower arrangements and vases all of the time. I hope this heron loses his plumage here too.

We had some scary storms yesterday late afternoon and overnight. We were under a tornado warning until 10 p.m. With my fear of tornados I was quite nervous because you can't see them when it's dark. The only warning is the eerie sound they make. And then you have to scramble into a bathtub with a mattress on top of you or find a closet with no outside walls attached to it. Luckily nothing really came our way except heavy rain and high winds. I'm so glad Zachary was able to sleep heavily through it ~ he's scared of thunderstorms still.

Well, I think it's time to put some more aloe on us both. That and actually get off my butt and do some laundry, lol. Zachary's only got one pair of clean shorts right now. I hope everyone has a pleasant day! (((HUGS)))



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  1. sadviolinist 10 years ago

    Actually I live in Florida, but yeah we're really close to the beach on the east coast.  Thanks for wishing us better on the sunburn!

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